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#758 — [[Call]]'s parameter 'thisArgument'

13.6.1 [[Call]] supplies names for the internal method's two parameters: 'thisArgument' and 'argumentsList'.

However, almost all 'invocations' of an object's [[Call]] internal method use wording like:
... providing [some object] as the *this* value ...
(where '*' indicates a bold font).

So I'm wondering if such wording should be changed to
... providing [some object] as /thisArgument/ ...
(where '/' indicates an italic font).

The advantage would be that passing a value to a named parameter has more obvious (mundane) semantics than passing to "the *this* value", which looks like it might have a special meaning.

corrected in rev 11 editor's draft

in October 26, 2012 release draft