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#763 — Message formatting

Write a strawman for message formatting - plural and gender support, date, number formatting within a message.

Our proposal should offer support for plural and gender formatting that is compatible with Template Strings.

An example functionality:

Anne invited you and 5 other people to her party.

"5 people", and "her" are language dependent.

Looking at comments from Nicholas ( string templates are hard to use for string reuse (early binding of parameters) and localization (again early binding).

We could define a new tag - plural - to deal with plural messages, but I don't see a nice way in string template mechanism to specify parameters:

1. Locale (it could be global)
2. Plural number

All parameters in the tagged string get pre-evaled and passed in as a string to a function. So we could say that fist two placeholders are locale and plural num, but that seems hacky to me:

plural '${locale}${plural_count}The actual plural string with rules...'.

function plural() {
var locale = arguments[0];
var pluralCount = arguments[1];
// the rest of the logic for formatting.

The same applies to gender formatting.

TC 39 suggested looping in Alex Sexton, who has been working on message formatting and may have input.

At the 2012-12-14 internationalization meeting, Nebojša was asked to write a