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#786 — 15.1.3: "is ≥"

In 15.1.3 "URI Handling Function Properties",
under "Runtime Semantics: Encode and Decode",
in the definition of abstract operation Decode,
step 4.d.vii.10 says:
Else, V is ≥ 0x10000

Delete "is".

I think the "is" is ok here as this is essentially an assertion rather than a test

Hm, well: / step 11 says: Else, R = 0 / step 5 says: Else, argCount > 1 / step 7 says: Else, len > 0 / step 11 says: Else, n<0


Note that none of these has an "is" before the comparison operator.

ok, I buy it -- consistency wins

I also decided that such assertions should come before the comma, eg

else x=0,
rather than
else, x=0

This may help avoid confusion with single line elses such as:
else, let x - 0

So I cleaned these up through out the spec. in the rev 11 editor's draft