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#811 — 12.6.4: "Perform Binding Instantiation"

In 12.6.4 "The for-in and for-of Statements",
under "Runtime Semantics: Labelled Evaluation",
in the definition of the abstract operation 'For In/Of Body Evaluation',
step 3.e.v.4 says:
Perform Binding Instantiation for lhs passing nextValue and iterationEnv
as arguments.

but this ignores the result returned by Binding Instantiation.

Maybe change to:
Let biResult be the result of performing Binding Instantiation ...

This appears to be intentional as next step explicitly sets the status variable that is used as the equivalent result in the other legs of the case analysis. Need to explain why it is ok/necessary to ignore the actual result of Binding Instantiation.

In rev24, it's at "Runtime Semantics: ForIn/OfBodyEvaluation",
step 3.h.iv.

fixed in rev25 editor's draft

confirmed fixed.