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#9 — 15.11.6/15.11.7 don't require new instances of native error objects

15.11.6 and 15.11.7 specify the "native errors" that are thrown for error conditions defined within the specification. However, the introductory text to both sections does not make it clear that a new Native Error instance is thrown on each such error occurrence. In theory, an implementation might interpret this as meaning it only needs to keep a single instance of each Native Error and reuse it for each required throw. Adding properties to such a common instance might be used as a covert communications channel.

15.11.6 should say: "A new instance of one of the NativeError objects ..."
15.11.7 should say: "When an ECMASript implementation detects a runtime error it throws a new instance of one of the NativeError..."

set IN_PROGRESS to indicated this should go into ES5.1 Errata.

Bulk resolving ES5.1 errata issues as a sampling suggests these are all fixed. If this is in error, please open a new issue on GitHub.