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#978 — 9.1.5 + 9.1.6: upright "k"

In 9.1.5 "ToInt32: (Signed 32 Bit Integer)"
and 9.1.6 "ToUint32: (Unsigned 32 Bit Integer)",
step 5 says:
Let int32bit be posInt modulo 2^32; that is, a finite integer value k
of Number type with positive sign and less than 2^32 in magnitude such that
the mathematical difference of posInt and k is mathematically an integer
multiple of 2^32.
where both occurrences of 'k' are in an upright font.

Change each to an italic font.

But see Bug 981, which suggests deleting the text that contains the upright 'k's.

corrected in rev 12 editor's draft

corrected in rev 12, Nov. 22, 2012 draft