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#981 — 9.1.{5.6.7}: reiterating modulo

In each of:
9.1.5 ToInt32: (Signed 32 Bit Integer)
9.1.6 ToUint32: (Unsigned 32 Bit Integer)
9.1.7 ToUint16: (Unsigned 16 Bit Integer)
step 5 says something of the form:
Let int32bit be posInt modulo 2^32; that is, a finite integer value k
of Number type with positive sign and less than 2^32 in magnitude such
that the mathematical difference of posInt and k is mathematically an
integer multiple of 2^32.

Delete everything after the semicolon, because it just reiterates the definition of 'modulo' in 5.2.

corrected in rev 14 editor's draft

in Rev 14 draft